Protecting your canola came first, the rest is history.

The only canola system
that delivers control of
flushing weeds.

Our history is important to us. It's what gives us the ability to offer growers a system that is proven and reliable.

History and Benefits

Historically, Clearfield® has been a brand that growers can depend on when it comes to protecting their canola from flushing weeds. We work hard to provide growers the support they need for success. Farmers know that they can rely on us for multiple Clearfield benefits:

  • Alternative mode of action for controlling volunteer canola in tight canola rotations.
  • One-pass canola system that delivers reliable post-emergent control of grasses and broadleaf weeds, including subsequent flushes.
  • Wide window of application on both crop and weeds - 2 to 7 leaf canola.
  • Provides an opportunity for substantial returns from premium production contracts specific to Clearfield canola.

Sustainability and crop rotation

Tighter rotations increase pressure for disease and resistance. The Clearfield Production System for canola and high-performing canola hybrids is the solution for this. When it comes to achieving best results, a 1-in-3-year canola rotation is recommended and if growers don't follow the recommendation, they should at least rotate canola systems. By rotating to Clearfield canola seed hybrids and herbicides, growers can effectively manage future volunteer canola systems such as LibertyLink® and Roundup Ready®. Here are even more reasons to switch to the Clearfield Production System:

  • Controls glyphosate-resistant weeds.
  • Changes resistance genetics for better management of blackleg and clubroot.
  • Ideal crop rotation choice when growing glyphosate-tolerant and Roundup Ready soybeans.

Clearfield Canola Fitting Guide

All of the Clearfield information you need in one place. From our hybrid partners to solutions that suit your needs, refer to this guide to get you the details quickly. Ultimately, helping you manage resistance and achieve higher, more consistent yields.

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