Have you heard about Clearfield® Canola?

It’s the only canola
system that delivers
control of flushing weeds.

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Clearfield canola is giving growers the kind of results they can’t stop talking about. It’s easy to use and the benefits are exceptional. So, say goodbye to your weeds and hello to your neighbour, because you’ll be excited to tell them all about Clearfield canola.

The Clearfield canola system controls weeds with a single in-crop application, saving time you might ordinarily have to spend in the sprayer. And less weeds means higher yield potential.

Clearfield Production System for Canola

We strive to provide growers with holistic trait and herbicide solution package that support their canola crops. Get to know why our history, benefits and sustainability efforts matter. Discover what Clearfield can do for your canola crop rotation.

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Clearfield Products

Find solutions that work for you and your yield goals by applying Clearfield products. Ares SN is a herbicide designed for the Clearfield Production System. It offers growers consistent and reliable control of grassy and broadleaf weeds, including control of volunteer LibertyLink® and glyphosate tolerant canola.

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Information about the Corteva TUA

The Corteva TUA for Clearfield canola is an agreement that allows growers to access the benefits of canola hybrids with the Clearfield trait. Uncover more about the Clearfield Production System benefits, the Technology Use Agreement and how you can register.

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